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Do you want to create an area where you and your guests can relax or something that breaks up your garden space? Why not have decking laid by our team? We can lay a range of decking styles to suit your requirements and offer solutions to meet your space restraints. Example areas that you can create with decking are:


  • Pool area

  • Sunbathing area

  • Children’s play area

  • Al fresco or picnic area



Mapleleaf’s fencing services are here to help with all your fencing needs. Has your fence been broken due to bad weather, or has it seen better days? We will be able to repair it or we can help you replace it. Why not contact us to arrange a quote?

Britain’s weather is unpredictable, but our fencing services are completely reliable. For your decking and fencing needs call

07983 525 967

Our Fencing Services Offer Quality Fencing and Decking to Meet Your Needs

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