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Are you taking on more that you want to? If your lawn is still too much to get to grips with, perhaps you would benefit from an artificial grass lawn? No more hours spent mowing or watering, artificial grass is ideal for those who have busy lives or for those that are not always home. This would free up more time to spend in your garden.

Is garden maintenance a problem for you?

Also, as artificial grass is environmentally friendly, no carbon emissions from lawnmowers, and no fertilisers needed or chemicals needed for weed killing. The reduce need for watering also help with water economy, saving you money and water use at the same time.


Laying an artificial lawn will help you spend more time relaxing in the sun, rather than working in it, not only that, it’s hardwearing so will stay in great condition and can be placed just about anywhere, perfect for if you have children or pets.

We also offer some additional garden maintenance services to help you create the perfect garden. We offer hedge and tree cutting as part of our drive to give you a stunning looking garden, so enquire today to see what we can do for you.


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Looking to reduce the time you spend on garden maintenance? What about artificial grass?

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